Protein Guarantee


Our company is putting a great deal of focus for quality, and to operate quality systems. Our company has the mandatory HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system, ISO 9001, FSSC (Food Safety System Certification), IFS food (International Featured Standard), IFS logistic and GMP certificate. We are being audited by national 3rd parties every year.

We maintain the distinguished quality of our products with continuous laboratory supervision. Our goal is to give only quality products to the customers. To reach our goal we examine quality of the incoming semi-finished products, in 2 shifts, in our 2 laboratories.

We examine every protein based products that contain plant, beef and whey protein, with sensory analysis, protein content and with the identification of components. The results are published in our homepage, so that our customers can check the contents and the quality of our products.

You have nothing else to do, but to enter the batch number (10character) into our search field, and you will find the required information.

If you are interested you can check what kind of examination we are doing to our protein products:

Batch number:

Scitec Laboratories

Protein content: We examine every protein based products with NIR and DUMATHERM instruments for protein content.

Identification of components: We examine every batch with NIR (Near-infrared Spectrometer) instrument. The result is a custom curve which is product specific. This method is very similar to getting a fingerprint from a human. According to this curve we can identify the product and their quality as well.

We managed to create database from these NIR curves of our products, so we can compare the quality of these with the newly manufactured products.

Sensory analysis: Our experts taste and check the colour, odour and consistence of our manufactured products. Every product must meet with the criteria of our product specification and the reference sample. We only accept those products that meet with these regulations.

Point of views:

  • Odour of blended powder
  • Consistence of blended powder

*The results of the limited seasonal flavors cannot be found on the website