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Team Scitec

Powerlifter, Multiple World Champion and World Record holder


Favorite products


Scitec Nutrition - 100% Whey Protein* Professional

100% Whey Protein* Professional

With Extra Key Aminos and Digestive Enzymes

Scitec Nutrition - Amino 5600

Amino 5600

Essential, Branched-chain amino acid formula

Scitec Nutrition - Arthroxon Plus

Arthroxon Plus

Joint Maintenance Support

Scitec Nutrition - Collagen Liquid

Collagen Liquid


Scitec Nutrition - Jumbo


“JUMBO means BIG! JUMBO means STRONG!”

Scitec Nutrition - Mega Glutamine

Mega Glutamine

1400 mg glutamine capsules

Scitec Nutrition - Mega Kre-Alkalyn

Mega Kre-Alkalyn

Advanced buffered creatine

Scitec Nutrition - Monster Pak

Monster Pak

Top of the line multi vitamin and mineral based performance enhancer pak with numerous extras

Scitec Nutrition - Multi Pro Plus

Multi Pro Plus

High-level multi-vitamin and mineral formula

Scitec Nutrition - Myomax professional

Myomax professional

Designer anabolic muscle & performance booster



László Mészáros - The undisputed
László Mészáros - FIBO POWER Strongest Benchpresser 2014