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After using Vitargo I have this feeling that Scitec Nutrition is going to take over the whole fitness industry..... I am not a body builder, I am a musician who travels a lot and I don't have a super clean life style either...... I have tried different pre workouts but they have failed to provide me with enough energy....All the ingredients in pre workouts are under dosed and the caffeine tricks my mind into believing that I am energised but that energy is not long lasting....Vitargo however is real clean long lasting energy....Vitargo is in a different league and I think everyone should try it...Just keep in mind the recommended dose of 3/4 scoops is a lot, 1 or 2 scoops is good enough..... I am dying to try out their New Hydrolysed Protein... I Love Scitec Nutrition...Good job guys !

S. M. - Mumbai
8. april 2017

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