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Wod Crusher - The benefits of functionality

Functional training, is not only a type of sport, rather a philosophy too. Functional fitness alters the personality, through which the body and the soul go through remarkable changes.

Functional performance is such a capability that is immediately applicable in real life. It’s not only an aesthetical- or leisure sport. It prepares the mind and the body hand in hand with our genetical programme for fight and survival against all odds!

This type of workout is old and stems from ancient roots, but its current renaissance shows how unmistakably 21st century thing it has become by now. Accordingly, it combines the straightforward nature of our generation with the latest scientific knowledge of our time. It’s free of unneeded moves and unnecessary formalities. It’s as straightforward and merciless as it can get – just as survival. Only one thing counts: efficiency.

The core of the whole conception lies in constant change, which differentiates it from every other sport. A bodybuilder performs well in a given environment, with the same weights, proper nutrition in an air conditioned gym, approximately for one and a half hours straight. Then exhaustion kicks in, which results in lowered performance, while muscles become obstacles in the way of effective workout. A runner’s body is accustomed to one specific and monotone challenge, but it’s impossible for a runner to make use of this ability in any degree in other circumstances. They are so called specialists, who perform exceptionally within their own rules, created to excel in extreme conditions in their own field. As opposed to this notion, functional fitness is a general sport. The body is put to the test constantly, thus preparing it for every possible challenge it might encounter, even during a lengthy walk in the desert, climbing a steep cliff, escaping an elevator shaft or while lifting a heavy object abruptly. It develops concentration, endurance, self-control and contributes to one’s inner peace.