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Muscle Army - Carni Cannon

Carni Cannon

9 component carnitine complex

Muscle Army - Crea Combat

Crea Combat

11 component creatine offensive

Muscle Army - Fire Raid

Fire Raid

13 component stimulant complex

Muscle Army - Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

12 component connective tissue support

Muscle Army - Tank


Creatine fortified muscle gainer

Muscle Army - War Machine

War Machine

13 component pre-workout assault

Muscle Army - Warrior Juice

Warrior Juice

Whey + micellar casein protein fusion

Muscle Army

A new brand from SCITEC NUTRITION with sophisticated and strong, yet fully legal products! The same uncompromising quality as the other products from SCITEC NUTRITION, one of the leading sports food supplement producers with its own state of the art factory! The exciting new look also helps to believe in these scientifically sound products, therefore the results can be even greater!

MUSCLE ARMY provides you with every angle of attack from muscle building protein and muscle weight gainer, to preworkout stimulants and connective tissue support to name a few. These are complex products with several different forms of ingredients and support co-factors around 10 ingredients in many of our formulas. If you want a 500 mg L-Carnitine, you are not in the MUSCLE ARMY! Life is a war and every training session is a battle one cannot afford to lose! And when you go to war, why be a soldier, when you can be a war machine? Why take a gun, when you can take a cannon? JOIN THE MUSCLE ARMY NOW!