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Scitec Muscle Beach 2015

The event of the summer – SCITEC MUSCLE BEACH!

Between July 31 and August 2, the most exciting summer event of SCITEC NUTRITION, the „SCITEC MUSCLE BEACH” will take place at the Beach House in Siófok (Petőfi sétány 3.), Hungary!

The event is located in Siófok, the „capital” of lake Balaton, Europe’s biggest lake. Siófok is famous of its vibrant day and night life, nice beaches and activities designed especially for those who want to have fun during their vacation.

The SCITEC Muscle Beach is an outdoor „playground” for all bodybuilding and fitness lovers, with a sandy beach, and open-air gym and many great activities! The Scitec Muscle Beach has made a tradition with welcoming thousands of sport lovers every year.

Above the beautiful location, sparkling sunshine and lake Balaton, TEAM SCITEC and diversing programs are awaiting the visitors!

Outdoor workouts, exciting competitions (strongman, powerlifting, bikini contest, Wod Crusher Cross Cup, etc), fantastic atmosphere and many unforgettable experiences!

In addition to the variety of programs we bring you the international team of TEAM SCITEC pro members (depending on their contest calendar), come meet them, have a photo and a chat or train with them on the beach!

Meet the superstars of Team Scitec

All days

  • Outdoor gym with Hoist machines which represent the highest quality
  • Free seminars and interactive workouts, autographs and photos from the stars of Team Scitec
  • Sampling, various programs
  • free aerobics classes with Szimonetta Simon


  • MAS-WRESTLING (stick pulling)


  • SCITEC RAW POWER Benchpress Cup
  • Strongman contests
  • Bikini Fitness contest for women
  • Men’s Physique contest
  • Bikini & Pole Fitness contest for women
  • WOD CRUSHER Cross Cup
  • Party


  • SCITEC RAW POWER Deadlift Cup

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