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Brandon Curry is the new Mr. Olympia

Brandon Curry reached to the top of bodybuilding! He raised the Sandow trophy high on 14th September in Las Vegas. This was the 55th Mr. Olympia but these 55 titles were won only by 15 bodybuilders (including legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney or Ronnie Coleman). The Mr. Olympia winner is the champion of the champions. You have to win a pro show even just for the right to compete at the Mr. Olympia. Earlier this year Brandon won the second most prestigious professional bodybuilding show, the Arnold Classic, so many people considered him as one of the front runners of the Olympia. But it was not an easy job for Brandon. He had to battle with the last year third and fourth place finishers and the Persian Wolf Hadi Choopan too. But finally Brandon could win the title with his classic proportions and nice muscle bellies. In the strong lineup Cedric McMillan won 7th place.