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Fouad 'Hoss' Abiad Quad/Ham Day

Fouad's back again with another Hoss Vision video for you guys. This time with @nelcamathletics (IG) behind the camera, Fouad does one of John Meadows gruelling leg workouts. Its not super heavy but it is intense.

Muscle Insider interview with Shawn Rhoden

This is our final video from the 6-part series with Team Scitec athlete Shawn Rhoden. He starts off with signing his IFBB Olympia contract for the Sept 2016 show! Then he talks about his 'Wall of Fame' where he hangs all his novelty cheques and medals. Then he and Dave get into...


Two days after the FIBO, the Mr. Olympia bronze medalist Shawn Rhoden and the Arnold Classic silver medalist Cedric McMillan visited the recently opened Cutler Fitness Győr. After their workout, the fans could take photos with the stars and get signature cards form them. Check...

Shawn Rhoden trains back at The Mecca

In Part 5 of our 6-part series featuring Team Scitec athlete Shawn Flexatron Rhoden, we catch up with him once again training with his famous trainer, Charles Glass. Glass puts Rhoden through a SERIOUS lat demolition day, featuring everything from underhand wide grip pulldowns,...

Jessica Renee – SCITEC photoshoot in Columbus

Jessica joined Team Scitec a couple of months ago. Check out our video which was being recorded during her photoshoot in Columbus, Ohio.

FIBO 2016


Michael Kefalianos – Team Scitec

The best Greek bodybuilder joined Team Scitec in 2015. Now Mike is prepping for the BodyPower Pro. Next week he’ll appear at the SCITEC booth at FIBO with all other superstar pros of Team Scitec.

Fouad Abiad trains back and calves

Fouad's been out of the video game for a while now so this is the first instalment of a new bi-weekly series he will be doing.

Shawn Rhoden trains delts at The Mecca

Watch and learn as Team Scitec's Flexatron trains shoulders at The Mecca under the watchful eye of 'Trainer of Champions' Charles Glass. In the 3rd of our 6 part series, Shawn gives us insight into what exercises build his boulder shoulders, for example, a specific way to target...

Shawn Rhoden trains quads at The Mecca

In part 2 of our 6 part video series, SCITEC athlete Shawn Rhoden once again demolishes his legs with the help of Charles Glass! If you want to see intensity, then all you have to do is look at Shawn's face as he's being put through the workout. Charles goes through Shawn's Quad...

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