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Fouad Abiad - Reverse Band Squats

Check out how Fouad uses bands on squats! The bands reduce the weight by about 50-80lbs at the lowest point of the movement.  

Fouad Abiad - Leg Press Annihilation!

Check out how Team Scitec's Fouad Abiad shocks his quads with leg press mega drop set!

Fouad Abiad interview

Check out Fouad Abiad's interview with one of the mentors of his career!

Lacee Kovacs wins Battle of London!

Team Scitec's Lacee Kovacs won the individual men's category of Europe's biggest CrossFit competition - Battle of London - held in the Copper Box Arena at London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Congratulation for this great achievement!

Arnold Classic Australia

During his recent trip to Australia, Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that plans were already underway to bring the bodybuilding show and festival to Australia in 2015.

Donna Brennan (Team Scitec Ireland) – Join the MUSCLE ARMY!

Donna is a soldier! Soldier of the Irish Defence Forces and at the same time soldier of Scitec Nutrition’s MUSCLE ARMY! Check out our clip recorded during her photoshoot in Budapest, Hungary!

Matt Burzacott – Team Scitec

Matt is top NPC heavyweight bodybuilder. In 2013 he placed 2nd at NPC USA and 3rd at NPC Nationals. In 2014 he aims to get IFBB pro card!  

Gym’s Birthday Celebration – with Team Scitec Workout!

Let’s start the 2014 Scitec video series with a motivational Team Scitec training clip recorded at the birthday party of L.M.A. Fitness in November 2013. The participants: Zsuzsanna Toldi, János Csuhai, Ádám Dudás, Krisztián Bereczki, Kornél Bohos and Béla Kathi!

Fouad Abiad - Q & A

Team Scitec's Fouad Abiad starts his 2014 Q & A video series!

Donna Brennan (Team Scitec Ireland) – SCITEC photoshoot in Flex Gym!

Donna is from Ireland and serves in the Irish Defence Forces.  She is one of the newest members of Team Scitec – with very promising career in the fitness "industry". Check out our clip recorded during her photoshoot in Budapest, Hungary! 

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