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Ben Pakulski – back and arms workout in Cologne!

Ben is the newest member of Team Scitec. Last week he worked in the SCITEC booth at FIBO 2014. Ben is preparing for Arnold Brasil so he couldn’t allow himself to miss a workout even after the long tiring expo days. Check out how he trained back and arms with his teammate Matt Burzacott!

Ben Pakulski joins Team Scitec!

We proudly introduce the newest member of Team Scitec Canada! Ben ’Pak-Man’ Pakulski is top IFBB Pro bodybuilder with excellent contest history! He was the runner-up in the 2013 Arnold Classic, and placed 4th in 2012. Now he is preparing for the Arnold Classic Brasil! And...


A SCITEC NUTRITION sponsored MMA Cage Fighting Show was held last weekend in Budapest, Hungary! Well-prepared fighters fought fierce battles in front of a very enthusiastic audience! Check out our summary video of the event!

Fouad Abiad trains back and biceps!

Check out Fouad's newest training video!

Fouad Abiad prep update video!

Check out Fouad's contest prep update video!

Fouad Abiad - new progress pics!

Check out Fouad's new progress pics taken 9 weeks out from his first 2014 contest. He announced another addition to his team. Not only is Dennis James heading up his nutrition but now John Meadows is setting his training on the right track! He has two of the best in the business...

Shawn Rhoden wins Australian Pro!

With his classic lines and great condition, Shawn Rhoden quite easily won the 2014 Australian Pro. The second placed William Bonac brought impressive size and ripped condition but he has structural flaws. Evan Centopani had managed to improve since Arnold Classic so he got a...


We proudly announce that SCITEC NUTRITION has become official sponsor of IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness)!

International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, IFBB, the governing body of the sport of bodybuilding and fitness, was founded...

Dennis Wolf wins Arnold Classic!

Dennis Wolf has finally won the second biggest contest in the bodybuilding world – the Arnold Classic! It was his 3rd attempt.  Dennis was huge and ripped. Shawn Rhoden’s beautiful symmetry and great condition was rewarded with well-deserved 2nd place. Team Scitec’s Cedric...

Cedric McMillan - 3rd at Arnold Classic!

Team Scitec’s Cedric McMillan - presenting his best shape ever - placed 3rd at Arnold Classic!

Extremely strong lineup and fierce battles characterized the show!

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