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Francis Carmont joins Team Scitec!

We gladly welcome a new addition to our Team: Francis ’Limitless’ Carmont MMA fighter, official middleweight UFC competitor from France!

Ben Pakulski teaches triceps training

Team Scitec's Ben Pakulski shows how to build titan triceps.

SCITEC European Strongest Team Challenge - Ukraine

The 3rd contest of SCITEC European Strongest Team Challenge took place in Zaporozhye and Kiev, Ukraine. Eight teams competed in nine events (six on the first day and three on the second day). The spectacular contest of the strongmen drew big crowd - more than 8000 people on the...

Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson joins Team Scitec

We gladly announce our new TEAM SCITEC member Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson from Iceland! This year he placed 3rd at the Europe Regional and qualified for the Reebok CrossFit Games!

Welcome to the WOD CRUSHER Team Björgvin and we wish all the best for you!


Valeria Ammirato (Team Scitec)

Check out Valeria Ammirato's new short clip. Valeria will debut as IFBB Pro at the EVL's Prague Pro on Oct. 4th.

Ben Pakulski teaches chest training - part 2

Team Scitec's Ben Pakulski teaches brutal chest training for a huge chest. Check out the 3rd and the finishing 4th video!

Ben Pakulski teaches chest training

Team Scitec's Ben Pakulski shows how bodybuilders isolate the chest for massive muscle growth.

Ben Pakulski teaches leg training

Check out Ben Pakulski's video series on effective leg training.

Victor Martinez wins Tampa Pro

Victor Martinez won the men's bodybuilding at 2014 IFBB WINGS OF STRENGTH PBW TAMPA PRO and qualified for the 2014 Mr. Olympia. Victor managed to gain back the most of the muscle mass he had during his best days. However, his condition was not perfect and his waist is significantly...

William Bonac wins Sacramento Pro

William Bonac wont the IFBB Golden State Pro in Sacramento. With this win he qualified for the Mr. Olympia.

Check out the final result and the pics of the top 5 competitors.

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