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Zsuzsanna Toldi – Last leg workout before the Olympia

Check out how Team Scitec’s Zsuzsanna Toldi trained her legs a couple of days out from the 2014 Olympia Weekend. Zsuzsanna managed to qualify for the Figure Olympia in her very first pro contest season. She is one of the two European athletes in the extremely strong line-up.

Zsuzsanna Toldi – ”Europe’s Figure Queen”

Zsuzsanna Toldi was called ”Europe’s Figure Queen” in Muscle & Fitness. No wonder: she has qualified for the Figure Olympia in her first pro contest season by winning the BodyPower Pro in Birmingham. This video was recorded at her SCITEC photoshoot 1 week out from the Olympia.

James Ellis joins Team Scitec!

We proudly introduce the newest member of Team Scitec USA! James Ellis was born and raised in New Paris, Indiana. After college, he moved out to California in pursuit of a full-time fitness modeling and acting career. Since the move, he has landed on over 40 fitness magazine...

Ben Pakulski teaches delt training

Learn how to train your delts to build massive shoulders by applying these concepts to your workout from Team Scitec's Ben Pakulski.

Lacee Kovacs and Lucas Parker hit Europe

We are very proud to announce that Lacee Kovacs has teamed up with Lucas Parker and WOD Tours to be holding seminars in Europe this September. Participants  that take part will receive a WOD CRUSHER pack to get them through the weekend.


- CrossFit...

SCITEC European Strongest Team Challenge - Hungary

The 4th contest of SCITEC European Strongest Team Challenge took place in Tatabánya, Hungary. Eight teams competed in six events.

1. Two men truck pull
2. Two men Viking press 150 kg
3. Two men frame carry 500kg
4. Two men barrell...

Max Charles joins Team Scitec!

We proudly introduce the newest member of Team Scitec USA! Max Charles is one of the most impressive new IFBB pro bodybuilders. He earned the pro card by winning the super heavyweight and overall title of the 2013 NPC USA Championships. In 2014 – in his first pro season –...

Ben Pakulski - Pre-Workout Tricks

Learn the tricks an IFBB Pro bodybuilder uses for maximal muscle growth and hypertrophy during his bodybuilding workout!

Ben Pakulski - Workout Intensifiers

Learn how to build massive muscle with these workout intensifiers to help you break through your plateaus.

Francis Carmont – Team Scitec

We gladly welcome a new addition to our Team: Francis ’Limitless’ Carmont MMA fighter, official middleweight UFC competitor from France. Check out our video which was recorded at his recent SCITEC photoshoot.

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