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Fouad Abiad - Off-season Leg Training

Right now Hoss is in the middle of a very productive off-season. Check out one of his recent leg workouts!

Aziz Jalali wins Mr. Olympia Amateurs Overall

Aziz Jalali (Team Scitec Qatar) won the +100 kg category and the overall title at Mr. Olympia Amatuers in Moscow, Russia. With this win he earned IFBB Pro card and qualified for the 2015 Mr. Olympia. Congratulations!

Valeria Ammirato - Motivation 2014

Check out Valeria Ammirato's new motivational video!

László Mészáros gets gold medal in Sydney

Team Scitec's László Mészáros got gold medal in RAW bench press at GPA World Championships in Sydney, Australia. He pressed 300 kg which is a GPA World Record. Congratulations!

Eddie Bracamontes to compete at NPC Nationals

Team Scitec's Eddie Bracamontes will compete this weekend at the 2014 NPC Nationals in Miami, Florida. Check out his condition one day out from the show.

Steven Fawcett joins Team Scitec!

We gladly announce our new TEAM SCITEC member: Steven Fawcett! Steven is one of the strongest CrossFit athletes in Europe. He competed at CrossFit Games Regionals multiple times and we know him well from the biggest throwdowns too. Welcome to the TEAM Steven!


Fouad Abiad - Leg Workout

John Meadows is currently working with Fouad on training and guiding his nutrition, he is also helping Dorian Hamilton with some of his training. So the Canadian duo hit the road and drove in to see the man who's going to take one to his first IFBB win and the other to his IFBB...

Eddie Bracamontes - Leg Workout

Check out how Team Scitec's Eddie Bracamontes trains his legs 16 days out from the 2014 NPC Nationals.


Scitec Nutrition WOD CRUSHER organized a seminar for the Hungarian functional fitness sport athletes and coaches with the participation of Sara Sigmundsdottir from Iceland and Lacee „Legless” Kovacs from Hungary. They talked about their own CrossFit career, diet and preparation...

Cedric McMillan guest posing in Germany

Check out Team Scitec's Cedric McMillan guest posing in Hockenheim, Germany at the IFBB Int. Rhein Neckar Pokal. 

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