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Sara wins in Manchester

Team Scitec's Sara Sigmundsdottir won gold medal at the very prestigious "The Athlete Games" in Manchester. Congratulations! 

Fouad Abiad - Off-season Training

Fouad Abiad is still in off-season mode. He'll start his diet in February for New York Pro and Toronto Pro.

New pic:

Check out how Hoss is doing leg press:

Arnold Classic South Africa in 2016

The Arnold Classic is adding another country to its growing list of events. Since 1989 the Arnold Classic has been held in Columbus, Ohio. The Arnold Classic then expanded into Spain, two year ago into Brasil. This year the former Australia Pro will become the Arnold Classic...

Fouad Abiad Training Videos

Check out how Fouad trains with the help of John Meadows.

Arnold Classic 2015 - Competitor Invitation List

2015 Arnold Classic - Open Bodybuilding
  Mohamad Ali Bannout
Lionel Beyeke
Evan Centopani
Justin Compton
Brandon Curry
Marius Dohne
Vitaley Fateev
Toney Freeman
Dexter Jackson
Michael Kefalianos
Cedric McMillan

New Christina Vargas Training Clips

Check out Christina's new booty and ab workout clips! 

IFBB Pro League - 2015 Show Schedule

IFBB Pro League has announced 2015 show schedule.
Jan 10 - Western Cup Pro - Culver City, California
Men's Physique
Jan 31 - Legends Pro - Las Vegas, Nevada
Masters Bikini
Mar 5-8 - Arnold Classic - Columbus,...

Ben Pakulski - Chest Training With Chris Cormier

Team Scitec's Ben Pakulski is doing Arnold Classic 2015 prep in Tampa, Florida with the help of Chris Cormier. Check out this short clip of their chest workout.

Team Scitec Successes at Italian Throwdown

Congratulations to Sara Sigmundsdottir and Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson for their great achievement at the very prestigious Italian Throwdown. Sara placed 1st among women while Björgvin got 2nd place among men. They achieved these fantastic results against the best Europen competitors. 

Leg Training - 6 Essentials of Training Application

Learn how to optimally build massive legs by applying the 6 essentials of exercise to your leg workout. Ben Pakulski shows you how to develop your legs by using important bodybuilding principles for huge muscle gain.

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