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Eddie Bracamontes trains shoulders

Check out how Team Scitec's Eddie Bracamontes trained shoulders with Charles Glass.

Shawn Rhoden interview at FIBO 2015

Team Scitec'c Shawn Rhoden calls out Mr Olympia Phi Heath at FIBO Expo 2015.

Max Charles interview at FIBO 2015

Find out how Scitec Nutrition's Max Charles' contest prep is going at the 2015 FIBO Expo. 


SCITEC was present with extraordinary booth and many international superstars at FIBO 2015. 11 IFBB pros, several top amateurs and beautiful girls guaranteed the frenetic atmosphere. Check out our summary clip about the long FIBO weekend!

Brandon Curry and Brandy Leaver interview at FIBO

Power couple Brandon and Brandy talk about competing, traveling and kids at the Scitec Nutrition booth at FIBO 2015.

Cedric McMillan interview at FIBO

Dave Palumbo interviews Cedric McMillan at FIBO Germany Expo.

Muscular Development interview with Shawn Rhoden

Team Scitec's Shawn Rhoden talks with Team MD's David Baye at the 2015 FIBO POWER Expo. In this interview he talks about his decision to only prep for the 2015 Olympia, how long he needs to seriously diet for a contest & how much he's weighing now. 

Fouad Abiad interview at FIBO

Team Scitec's Fouad Abiad talks about his incredible muscle gains from this past year. He also talks about the disappointment of FIBO Power Pro being cancelled.


A very strong team represented SCITEC NUTRITION at the first Arnold Classic Australia. At the shows and the expo as well. Brandon Curry and Ben Pakulski competed in men's pro bodybuilding while László Mészaros competed and won in raw bench press. Beside them, the fans could...

Arnold Classic Brasil competitor lists

The Men's Pro Bodybuilding & Pro Fitness competitor lists are out for the 2015 Arnold Classic Brasil, which is taking place May 29-31st in Rio De Janeiro.
Brandon Curry
Marius Dohne
Mamdouh Elssbiay
Toney Freeman

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