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Brandon Curry trains chest

Check out Brandon's chest workout which was recorded 3.5 weeks out from the 2015 Arnold Classic Brasil.

New York Pro competitor lists

The 2015 New York Pro will take place on 10th May. Two Team Scitec athletes will compete: Max Charles in men's open bodybuilding and Vivien Olah in pro figure. Check out the competitors lists!

Ben Pakulski – SCITEC photoshoot

Check out our clip which was recorded during Ben’s SCITEC photoshoot the day after the 2015 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.

Fouad Abiad's Post-Win Interview

Team Scitec's Fouad Abaid talks with Team MD's Bob Cicherillo shortly after his win at the 2015 IFBB Europa Show of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Here, he tells why this was an emotional win for him, what he hopes to achieve at the 2015 Olympia and more.

Fouad wins Orlando Pro

Team Scitec's Fouad Abiad won the 2015 Orlando Pro. With this win he qualified to compete at the 2015 Mr. Olympia. Congratulations! 

IFBB Pittsburgh Pro - with Team Scitec Athletes

The 2015 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro will take place on May 1-2. Team Scitec's Vivien Oláh will compete in the Pro Figure category. This will be her very first pro show. Shawn Rhoden is one of the seven superstars who will guest pose at the show. 

Orlando Pro competitor list

The 2015 Orlando Pro will take place on 2nd May. The competitor lists have been relaeased. Check out the lineup of men's bodybuilding.
Team Scitec's Fouad Abiad 3 days out from the show

Fouad Abiad - Leg Training

Team Scitec's Fouad Abiad trains legs one week out in one of his last depletion workouts before stepping on stage in Orlando at the Europa Pro Show.


Two days after the Salon Mondial Body Fitness Form Expo, the superstars of Team Scitec visited Fitnessmov Bretigny. They celebrated the opening of this huge and extremely well equipped gym with a gruelling workout. Check out our video clip about the event!

Valantis Dokos interview at FIBO 2015

Dave Palumbo interviews bodybuilder/veterinarian Valantis Dokos at the Scitec Nutrition booth at FIBO 2015.

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