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GOLDEN STATE PRO - Competitor List

The 2015 GOLDEN STATE PRO will take place on 15th August in Sacramento, California. The official competitor lists are out. Check out the lineup of men's open bodybuilding!

Max Charles' Post-Win Interview

Team Scitec's Max Charles talks with Team MD's David Baye shortly after his win in the men's open division at the 2015 IFBB Tampa Pro. Watch to hear what show he will be doing next.
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Max Charles wins Tampa Pro

Team Scitec's Max Charles won Tampa Pro and qualified to compete at the 2015 Mr. Olympia! Fouad Abiad placed 2nd. Congratulations to both of them! The Team Scitec athletes who already qualified for the Mr. Olympia: Shawn Rhoden, Fouad Abiad, Brandon Curry and Max Charles.

Tampa Pro - Competitor list

The 2015 Wings Of Strength Tampa Pro will take place on 7th and 8th of August. The official competitor lists are out. Check out the lineup of men's open bodybuilding. 

Fouad Abiad wins Vancouver Pro

Team Scitec's Fouad Abiad won the 2015 Vancouver Pro. This was Fouad's second pro win this year. Congratulations!

Eddie Bracamontes places 3rd at NPC USA

Team Scitec's Eddie Bracamontes placed 3rd in superheavyweight category at the 2015 NPC USA in Las Vegas. Congratulations! 


Check out how Team Scitec’s Shawn Rhoden trained arms in Budapest – 12 weeks out from the 2015 Mr. Olympia.

Vancouver Pro - Competitor List

The 2015 Vancouver Pro will take place on 25 & 26 July at Vancouver Convention Center. The official competitor lists ar out. Check out the lineup of men's open bodybuilding.

Team Scitec's Fouad Abiad 4 days out from the show:

SHAWN RHODEN - ”The Struggle Is Real”

Team Scitec’s Shawn Rhoden has gained some serious additional mass during his off-season. Now he is in full contest prep mode and we can expect him to step on stage in his trademarked super shredded condition at the 2015 Mr. Oympia. Check out how he trained legs in Budapest...

Big Pecs with BEN PAKULSKI

Check out Ben Pakulski's chest workout at Emporium Gym, Birmingham.

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