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Home workout: What exercises should you do at home?

Many people think that there is no other place to build muscles but in a gym.


Actually, we are “breaking down” the muscles in the gym – and then we are “rebuilding” them with rest, nutrition and sleep at home.


But wouldn’t it be great if we could achieve all this in one place?


That is exactly what home workouts can do for you! 


But who should train at home, what are the pros / cons of at home workouts, and how to get the best home workout plan?

Is home workout suitable for me?


The simplest answer: Yes, if you don’t want to go (yet) to the gym, a home workout can be great for you.


It’s worth taking a look at the root of this statement and figure out why you don’t want to.


There are several categories.


1. Beginners


There is a popular misconception amongst beginners that they will be laughed at in the gym.


This thinking is completely wrong. Every bodybuilder remembers where they started, so they will show respect to beginners, not humiliation. If that’s why you don’t go to the gym as a beginner, it’s a good idea to reshape your thinking, because bodybuilders help each other rather than laugh at them.


On the other hand, if you want to develop proper movement coordination and some muscle first, while incorporating healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine, you couldn’t find anything better than the home workout.


2. Women


It is much less common to meet women in gyms than men.


One of the main reasons for this is that they don’t want to be “big”.


Oh, if it was that easy.


iIf someone goes to the gym regularly, she won’t become a two-door closet yet – it requires an extremely strict diet and very frequent, professional workouts. This is something that most people can’t afford, just those who are practicing the sport competitively, because this type of nutrition and exercise is extremely expensive and time consuming.


So if you don’t visit the gym because of this excuse, you’re wrong.


However, for a lot of women, a workout at home may be enough, especially for someone who wants to be tight, not thin.


3. Anyone in extreme conditions


The coronavirus epidemic has shown that we can be easily trapped between the 4 walls under extreme conditions.


But we don’t need an epidemic to have “extreme” situations.


Such circumstances may include:

little time

financial problems

workplace affairs

family changes

health issues


Then even those who otherwise spend most of their time in the gym can be trapped between the 4 walls.


So it is advisable to keep a workout equipment at home as well, as the above conditions can strike at any time.


But what exactly is this equipment?

Equipment for workout at home

It is a good idea to buy tools that:

are easy to store,

cost less than a full gym equipment,

allow you to properly train all muscle groups


The first and most important tool for this is weights.


The one-handed dumbbells are the best that meet the above conditions, but even a two-handed can be obtained. You will also need discs as each muscle group will need a different weight. At best, we will even improve, so after a while the base weight will not be enough.


Dumbbells are not expensive, but they are definitely not cheap either. They also take up quite a bit of space.


If you want an even cheaper and easier solution, we recommend the resistance band.


This simple tool can be used anywhere and anytime and is able to completely train any muscle - not to mention the price, which is also very friendly.


In addition to the equipment mentioned above, if you can still get an adjustable bench, and perhaps a non-slip mat, you’ve essentially reached not just the basic, but the advanced level equipment for the best home workout routine.


Pros / Cons of at-home workouts

Advantages of home workouts


You can do whatever you want during your training - whether it’s watching a series or listening to music, it is your own fitness routine at home

You don’t have to wait for the equipment

You can wear whatever you want – or not wear anything

The “home workouts for men” are working too, because the home fitness programs are not only good for women 

There is no traveling time

There is only a one-time cost of buying the equipment, no need to pay a gym ticket

Disadvantages of home exercises

You will often not be motivated to train at home

Limited resources available compared to the gym
There will be no other athletes around you who can motivate you

You can only get to a certain level at home, you will definitely need a gym for further development

There will be a lot of things that can distract you

In the beginning, it is hard to create a home fitness routine


Based on these, we recommend that you start your workouts at home - but if you feel a decrease in motivation or have reached the level that a workout at home can provide, step out of your comfort zone and start going to the gym.


Home training is recommended for both women and men, as well as beginners and advanced athletes.

The point is to work the muscles well enough to stimulate them to grow.
But keep in mind that exercise alone is not enough for muscle building. It is very important that you get the right nutrients, and also take time to rest and sleep!

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