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Stay fit even in home office!


In the last weeks a lot of people’s home became workplace as well. Staying home all day – especially now when you cannot go out after work – can be a totally new challenge for the healthy and fit members of the society. According to a German study published in 2019, the people who work from home feel more exhausted  than those who do similar work at a workplace. The level of nervousness and irritability was also higher for those who worked at home. And in 2019 you could go to gym or anywhere after work to relieve the stress. Now you can’t do that which makes it all the more important to organise working time in the home office as healthily as possible.

The first and most important advice: if it is possible try to keep your normal daily routine and workflow. We mean here your working time, working enviroment, after work activities like training, eating habits.  This can be hard at the beginning but try to be strict to yourself. At first you may have the temptation to stay in bed whole day working „comfortably” while watching TV and having some snacks. The biggest problem of home office is the mixing of work and private life. It’s not only about living private life during working time but doing work during your private time too. When you work from home you may spend even your ˝free time˝ with work. It is hard to finish your working hours if you stay physically in the same place. You must find balance!

Let’s see some tricks that help you stay fit and productive during working days at home!

1. Start every day with stretching! You’ll feel the positive effect of it in your muscles and joints even after a short 5 minutes stretching.

2. Work with healthy posture! At first it would be tempting to work from bed but after a few days you will feel the negative consequences of it.

3. Don’t forget the breaks and spend them usefully! It is recommended to go outside or to make phone calls outside. Eat during these breaks and not in front of the computer screen. Drink plenty of water or other beverage, minimum 2 liters daily.

4. Stay active during this ˝isolation˝ time. Do some sport activities regularly, even at home. We have many free tips, training programs on our website and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram). There’s always something good in every bad: you can use your newly gained free time, which normally you spend on travelling from home to workplace (and back) to do some sport.

5. Eat healthy and use supplements accoding to your needs! These weeks it is even more important to focus on healthy eating to help your immune system function. Store some healthy raw materials for a couple of weeks, buy lean meat, healthy complete carbohydrate sources, vegetables and fruits. Supplements can be very useful now because supplement usage is an easy and quick way of micro- and macronutrient intake. And they can be stored for a long time.

Check out our Home Office Supplement Stack:

Protein Breakfast – easy-to-prepare breakfast, energy and fibre source with quality protein.  If you are a ’gourmet’ porridge fan, we suggest it with extra peanut butter (100% Peanut butter), chia seeds, coconut shred or fruits as toppings. With a complete breakfast you can start your day feel energetic and with stabil insuline levels, it can reduce snacking during the day. It is important to take care on your calorie intake (and also your macronutrient needs), as if you are less active during the day, your body needs less energy.

Mega Daily One Plus – daily vitamin and mineral needs. It’s also important to fill your body with essential vitamins and minerals. You can cover your daily needs with fruits and vegetables, or with extra supplements. The most practical way is a complex multivitamin product, which contains high dose of micronutrients. Consume it during or after your meals.

C1000+ Bioflavonids – extra immune system support. The importance of Vitamin C in immune system support is evident. As it is a water-soluble vitamin, body cannot store it, so it is needed to supply with food or even supplements.

Mental Focus – extra energy for work. As we mentioned above, that it is hard to find balance between working and free time, sometimes it need some extra support to stay focused during working. Try the power of caffeine containing supplements. It can be also useful when you do not feel any motivation for training.

For home trainings choose your favourite supplements:

BCAA+Glutamine Xpress - during workout

100% Whey Protein Professional - after workout