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Healthy survival kit for quarantine – shopping guide!

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Leave the plain flour and the sugar in the shops! These items won’t help you keep your hard earned muscles. Moreover, the plain flour and the sugar (or anything you make from them) will cause blood sugar and insulin volatility which leads to hunger rushes. This can cause overeating which affects your shape negatively, especially if you are on a restricted training program.
These low fiber foods don’t nurture the healthy gut flora, where those „good” bacteria produce the vitamins (like vitamin B12) that are indispensible for the normal functioning of immune system.

So here’s the survival kit for the following days to keep the muscles and fuel your body (not only for quarantine).
Food survival kit

High quality protein sources for you to stay fit!

Store more than the usual from lean meat (chicken / turkey breast) and fish in your freezer. Buy fresh items and freeze them quickly. As for protein and fish, store high quality canned fish too.

Did you know that one of our favourite protein sources, eggs can be stored for about three weeks? According to experts, eggs don’t even have to be kept in fridge so you can spare some additional space for other food. Warning: don’t store the eggs in warm temperature though.

The easiest and quickest way of protein intake is a protein shake. You can choose our bestselling protein, the WPP (100% Whey Protein Professional) or a protein blend from complete protein sources like Fourstar Protein.

Did you know that whey protein contains immune-boosting compounds? For example lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, lactalbumin and immunoglobulin which can found in milk too.

And you don’t have to give up instant protein intake even if you follow a vegan diet. Choose a product which contains vegan protein sources, for example Pure Form Vegan Protein.
Complex carbohydrates with high fiber content
Beside the micronutrient rich vegetables, oat flakes are among the favourite fiber sources of athletes. Because of their complex carb and fiber content they have optimal glycemic index (effect on blood sugar level). It is useful to get some oats in flour form too because you can replace plain flour with it, for higher fiber content. High fiber cabs don’t cause hunger rushes.  You can buy wholemeal oat flour too.

If you don’t want to deal with protein and oat flakes separately you can choose Protein Breakfast which contains a blend of high quality protein and carb sources. A similarly nutritious product is the Oat’N’Whey which can be consumed as a shake (if you mix it with water). You can replace a meal with these especially if you complete them with fruits and nuts.

The fresh fruits and vegetables can’t be stored for long time so you’d better choose frozen veggies and fruits in large packages. These are a must in the survival kit. Although frozen veggies and fruits don’t always have the best reputation, you can be sure that these are carefully selected products with most of their micronutrient content preserved by innovative freezing technology.

The citrus fruits – which can be stored for a longer time because of their thick peel – are valuable because of their high Vitamin C content (immune defence). It is advised to store a bigger amount of these and consume regularly. If you store them in a cool place, you can consume them for weeks.

The root vegetables can also be stored in larger quantities and you can make meals from them for several days: soups and vegatable dishes, so they are perfect for the survival kit. The veggies are perfect carb and micronutrient sources.

Don’t forget the side dishes, but choose wisely. Brown rice, wholemeal pasta, puffed rice, millett, buckwheat, quinoa, bulgur are the right choices.
Essential fats

Not only lean meats and fishes can provide valuable fats but avocado, olive oil and nuts are also high in esential fatty acids.

Try our 100% Peanut Butter which contains no palm oil, sugar and other additives.
Extra immune sytem defence

Basic package – Mega Daily One Plus + Vitamin D3 + Vita-C 1100
Premium package – Multi Pro Plus + Vitamin D3 + C1000+bioflavonoids + L-Glutamine
Premium vegan package – Vita Green & Fruits + C1000+bioflavonoids
Extra tip for pros:

One complex shake with high nutrient content, extra protein, and added amino acids.
You’ll need only the powder – which is available in large packages that are enough for months – and water for the your daily shakes.

Check out these nutritious complex drink powders:

Myomax Hardcore
Volumass 35 Professional
Jumbo Hardcore