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Stay fit even in home office!


In the last weeks a lot of people’s home became workplace as well. Staying home all day – especially now when you cannot go out after work – can be a totally new challenge for the healthy and fit members of the society. According to a German...

Healthy survival kit for quarantine – shopping guide!

#immunesystem #nutrition   Leave the plain flour and the sugar in the shops! These items won’t help you keep your hard earned muscles. Moreover, the plain flour and the sugar (or anything you make from them) will cause blood sugar and insulin volatility which leads to...

Burn your fat - training methods for burning fat

When choosing between fat burning training methods, you should be asking the following questions: What should I do? When? For how long? How often? There are multiple good answers for all of them, as all the methods have their advantages and their drawbacks at the same time....

Mass gaining wisely – the training program

If building mass is our priority, our training program should be based on compound free weight exercises. There is consensus among the experts about this. However, there are lots of different opinions about the optimal number of workouts per week, the optimal number of exercises,...

Mass gaining wisely – the supplements

In the 1st part of our series we explained the basic equation of mass gaining and the most important aspects of macronutrient intake. If the adequate protein- and calorie-intake is solved you can think over with what other ingredients you would like to (or could) support the...

Mass gaining wisely – the basics

The most basic rule of mass-bulding is that you have to intake more calories than you expend if you want to gain weight! Everything comes after this. Without meeting this requirement weight gaining is impossible. Of course, the quality of the gained bodyweight (mostly muscle...

Cedric McMillan wins silver in Australia

Cedric McMillan improved a lot in 2 weeks after the Arnold Classic USA and brought a complete and sharp physique to Arnold Classic Australia. He battled for the 1st place with William Bonac and lost only by a few points. Congratulations to Cedric!

The final result:

UK Pro Championships - with Team Scitec athletes!

Dia Salamon and Sara Back will step on stage at UK Pro Championships in Coventry, UK this Saturday. Good luck to them!

Dia Salamon wins bronze in Alicante!

Team Scitec's Dia Salamon wins third place in Pro Bikini category at Veronica Gallego Pro in Alicante, Spain. Congratulations!

Maxx Charles wins bronze at Muscle Mayhem Pro!

Team Scitec's Maxx Charles wins third place at Muscle Mayhem Pro in Kansas City. Congratulations!

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