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About us

SCITEC NUTRITION®, one of the leading manufacturers of sports supplements, with its own production capabilities in a more than 30 000 m2 warehouse and manufacturing facility.

In 20 years, SCITEC has grown to become one of Europe’s leading dietary supplement brands with more than 700 product variants, 135 flavors and is still growing!
More than 600 dedicated employees make it all possible.

SCITEC is one of the largest whey protein consumers in the world, selling 120 million servings annually in over 50 flavors! Premium quality products: state-of-the-art look, uncompromised ingredient quality!


Our quality guarantee is based on our own manufacturing and in-house laboratory capabilities. We are capable of producing over 100,000 servings of protein per hour.

State-of-the-art machines:
powder mixers, sachet fillers, tablet presses, capsule filling and sorting machines, blister capsule packaging machines, multi-tablet pak filling machines.


Unique product tracking system – based on engraved codes. Every product has its unique barcode and batch number. It helps in tracking out where, when, to whom and in which country the product has been sold.


Enormous warehouse facility for raw materials and readymade products. As we keep an ample supply of both our raw ingredients and ready-made stock, we are able to ship any order to any store in Europe the next day.

We control and monitor the quality of our products as they transition from raw materials to shippable goods while keeping the time between mixing, packaging and shipping as short as possible.

Quality control

SCITEC is one of the few companies whose every batch of protein is lab test guaranteed for concentration, with the results being proudly posted on our website (thousands of tests).

Look up your own purchased product’s batch number!


The Scitec facility has several certificates: EUROCERT ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System, ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, HACCP for food safety and food GMP.

Team Scitec

We are proud to be represented by Cedric McMillan Golden State Pro champion, Brandon Curry Toronto Pro champion, Eddie Bracamontes NPC Nationals silver medalist, and several other pros and local talents.

TEAM SCITEC competitive athletes consistently out perform!

Green series

A new SCITEC NUTRITION® line to support your health, performance and longevity in sports!

High quality, effective, great tasting plant formulas!

Plant protein, fibers and enzymes, vegetable and fruit blends, plant extracts and bacterial live cultures!

Pro Line

A new SCITEC NUTRITION® line developed with and for our professional athletes!

Developed by science! Proven by pros in hardcore gyms!

  • No hidden ingredient amounts!
  • Guaranteed quality!
  • Fantastic taste!

Do you want professional results? Choose our professional supplements!

Wod Crusher line

Functional fitness line from SCITEC NUTRITION® to help crush functional workouts and diets for better performance and an improved physique!

Our WOD CRUSHER products were carefully formulated to meet the needs of functional sports, including CrossFit®, high-intensity interval (HIIT) training, martial arts or any activity where fat accumulation or a worsery bodyweight to strength ratio are disadvantageous!

Head Crusher line

Hard hitting line for fighters from SCITEC NUTRITION®.

HEAD CRUSHER was specifically developed for martial arts athletes, both in terms of ingredients and the type of products we offer in this line.

From general health support to recovery enhancement, hormone support, pre-training stimulation and intra-workout performance enhancement, fighters will find what they need!


Scitec Nutrition® is a regular exhibitor at the major fitness expos in Europe (FIBO in Germany, Body Power Expo in UK, Mondial Body Fitness in France, Arnold Classic Europe Expo in Spain, etc.)


With over 200 individual products and over 700 product variants, you’ll find the ones you love to give you the results you desire!

SCITEC is one of the biggest producers of whey protein products. Quality is guaranteed by manufacturing in our own facility!

All batches of protein are lab tested – look up your product’s results on the web!

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